Vamps Documentation

Software Requirements

The following software needs to be installed to run Vamps:

The following software needs to be installed to run qVamps:



Just the simple way (both Vamps and qVamps):

You should not encounter any warnings or errors. If you however have problems, try your best. If you think, Vamps or qVamps need improvement, file a bug report.

Default base prefix for installation is /usr/local. If you don't like that, edit the Makefile (PREFIX=).


qVamps supports the Qt standard flow for translating messages to your preferred language. If you like to do localization yourself, copy xx.ts to a file named according to the ISO639 code of the language (e.g. fr.ts for french, cs.ts for Czech, etc.) and load it into linguist (comes with Qt development environment). After translation of the ~220 messages save the file and extend the Makefile according to the rules for the (non-existing) language xx. The generated .qm file will be loaded by qVamps if run with the LANG environment variable set appropriately.

It is not necessary to complete each and every term in linguist. Non-translatable strings like names (e.g. qVamps) may be left empty. This also saves a bit of file space.


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